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10 Sure Fire Ways to Negotiate a Contract like a Pro

Appraisals: The facts about Real Estate Appraisals

Buyer Agents vs Seller Agents: Should they be two different people?

Buying a home outside the U.S.: Things to know before you begin searching

Choosing the perfect real estate agent shouldn’t be as hard as choosing the perfect house!

Closing costs: What to expect

Easement, Right of Way, and Restrictive Covenants: What are they and why do you need to know?

Everything but the kitchen sink: What stays, what goes. The importance of a contract

Foreclosure: Buying A Foreclosed Home

From the Feds: Buying a Home from the U.S. Government

Historical Homes: Things to know before you buy

Home Warranties: What are they and do you really need one?

HUD for Dummies: Things that you need to know

Investment homes: Things to look for

Location, Location, Location: How to find all the details about the neighborhood before you buy

Modular Homes: What are they and do you want to buy one?

Online Auctions: Buying your Home Online

Open house: How to make the most of the visit

Re-Sale Value: It IS important

RESPA: What it means to you

Step by Step Closing: For the buyer and seller

Ten “No No’s” for the Home Buyer

Ten Common Mistakes people make when buying a home

Ten Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

The Basics of Buying a Home

The Fixer-Upper: How much work is too much?

The Real Estate Bubble: Do you know how it can effect you?

The search is on: Ways to make the most of your house hunting trip

Title Insurance: Do you need it? What is it?

Your Mansion: Buying a million dollar or more home


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